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Welcome at Sundowner-Cruises and Yacht Charter the unique "48ft Custom Flybridge Motorsailer-Catamaran" in Lombok


This 48ft "Flybridge - Motorsailer - Catamaran" is a very well sailing & proven Catamaran especially built for the tropics or warm weather here around Bali Lombok Sumbawa and further but very safe and comfortable in the open ocean of Indonesia.

This Catamaran is perfect for 2 couples or a family of six but also for the adventurous "honeymoon-couple" for the "Honeymoon" of a lifetime!

These Lombok cruises and yacht charters offer a convenient way for visitors to Lombok to enrich their experience of Asia and catch a glimpse of pre-historic times by taking a journey into regions of Indonesia little known to the rest of the world.

You can do all this either in just a few days on a scheduled cruise or more leisurely on board of a chartered 48ft "Flybridge Motorsailer-Catamaran" – and without any of the hardships often connected with visiting remote areas. There are regular departures from Lombok throughout the year and the fares fit all budgets.

East of Lombok stretches a chain of tropical islands which have hardly changed in centuries ‐ the home of many different ethnic tribes who still maintain their ancient languages religions rituals and traditions. The islands around Komodo are also the only place in the world where you can still see large fierce reptiles descendants of the carnivorous Dinosaurs which survived only here on these islands from the Jurassic age over 130 million years ago.

Lombok Sumba Sumbawa Flores Timor and many smaller islands including Komodo are known as the "Lesser Sunda Islands" and are part of the fabled "Spice Islands" of Indonesia - the habitat of exotic wildlife such as the Bird of Paradise and the ancient Komodo Dragon. The coral reefs here are among the most beautiful in the world. Much of the flora and fauna is unique to this region.

These islands are in stark contrast to refined and polished Lombok with its lush tropical vegetation manicured landscape and hand-carved rice terraces. Together with itsrefined culture and performing arts Lombok has for a long time been admired by the West as a mystic Island Paradise.

Step into these exotic worlds from the "Lombok-Cat48 Flybridge Motorsailer-Catamaran". You can choose from different itineraries which fit easily into any schedule and help you see much more of Indonesia. There are regular departures from Lombok year-round; the cost fits all budgets and includes all onboard expenses.

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